MOVES Mobile Veterinary Specialists

5 Points Animal Hospital is proud to partner with Dr. Jessica Larson, a board-certified internal medicine specialist with MOVES - Mobile Veterinary Specialists.

What does this mean for you, the pet owner? If one of our doctors recommends that your pet should have an internal medicine consultation or advanced procedure, your pet can receive advanced care within the convenience and comfort of our practice instead of visiting a referral center. This is oftentimes a better option for your pet because they are familiar with our practice, which may ultimately reduce any fear, anxiety, or stress of navigating a new location or meeting new people. Dr. Larson has years of internal medicine experience and is equipped with the latest ultrasound, endoscopy, and monitoring equipment. She even travels with her technician, Frances, a licensed veterinary technician.

What type of advanced care does this include? Dr. Larson can perform specialized procedures such as ultrasonography, endoscopy (a less-invasive option that uses an internal camera where we can test areas of the body), deeper investigations into certain infections or cancers, and many other procedures.

You can be confident that your pet will receive expert-level care, but instead of waiting longer for appointment availability and traveling to a new location with your pet, these services can be provided much faster and more conveniently than a typical appointment at a referral facility. Dr. Larson works closely with all of the doctors at our hospital to provide your pet with the compassionate care they deserve. Following an appointment, she provides our doctors with detailed reports and treatment plans which we will then communicate with you.

As always, we care about the well-being of your pet and hope that, if needed, you will consider this new option for advanced care through our partnership with Dr. Larson and MOVES!